Welcome to Hirvaskoski!
Welcome to Hirvaskoski!
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The Hirvaskoski manor house and estate is located in Pudasjärvi, in the village of Hirvaskoski

The estate is surrounded by water, forest and fields. The Hirvasjoki river flows nearby, and the sound of the Hirvaskoski rapids is an ever-present reminder of the history of the estate.

Surrounding the manor, which was built in 1846, are the stable and several auxiliary buildings. Notable to the estate is also the small water powered Hirvaskoski power station, which was first build in 1920, and which is still functioning.

The Hirvaskoski estate has a long and colourful history. The Hirvaskoski or Timosen Ruukki Iron works estate area is officially recognised as a culturally and historically significant site.

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Hirvaskoski manor and estate

The manor house


The formal dining room next to the kitchen.

Sänkykamari – the main bedroom

Two beds. Additional mattresses available for max 2 people. 25 m².


A stately and charming reception hall suitable for larger events. AV equipment, 55 m² of floor space.

Perikamari 1 & 2

Two beds with spring mattresses in each. Additional mattresses available for max 2 people. 25 m².

Pikku Kamari – the little bedroom

140 cm wide four poster double bed. 15 m².


The Library is suitable for a small group. Can be used also as a bedroom. 20 m².