Hirvaskoski manor

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Hirvaskoskentie 31
93270 Sotkajärvi, Finland

Mail address

Hirvaskosken Kartano Oy
c/o Kortetjärvi
Kopukantie 21
93270 Sotkajärvi, Finland

Contacts and reservations


  • +358 40 5318 118
  • hirvaskosken.kartano@gmail.com

Ms Elisa Laakso

  • +358 40 532 9671
  • elisalaakso09@gmail.com

How to find us

The Hirvaskoski manor house and estate is located 18 km from the town centre of Pudasjärvi municipality, in the village of Hirvaskoski. The nearest international airport is in the city of Oulu, approximately 100km away.

When traveling towards Kuusamo from Oulu, we are located about 2 km from the junction of Oulu-Kuusamo road and the Kajaani-Rovaniemi road in the direction of Puolanka.

Hirvaskoski is 20 km from the center of Pudasjärvi and 39 km from Syöte.

Contact Information:

Hirvaskoski Manor
Hirvaskoskentie 31
93270 Sotkajärvi
Tel. +358 40 5318 118

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